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  • All Guest names are in [brackets]
  • In a few situations if the name was not identified, it says Unknown. If you know who this person is, please let us know and we will change the status.

Our ORP's (Official Reunion Photographers) this year were Diana Buckingham, Carol Murray and Janet London.  Other people, who have photos or videos to contribute, please contact Diana Buckingham at (607) 257-3638 or email to

We wish to thank all the photographers for recording the reunion in such great detail.
So on with the show…

Moakley House

#58/60th Reunion (2022)/Friday/Moakley House

Our 60th reunion was held on Friday evening, July 22, 2022 at The Moakley House, on Warren Road. There is a patio overlooking the golf course where we captured a Horizon to Horizon Beautiful Rainbow. Dispite Covid, we had a great reunion and hope eveyone who attended had a great time. Enjoy the pictures taken by Diana (Derr) Buckingham, Carol (Burger) Murray and Janet (Burger) London. If anyone has additional photos or videos to share, please contact Diana Buckingham at (607)257-3638 Home, (607) 339-3915 Cell or email her at
Gola Osteria

#59/60th Reunion (2022)/Saturday/Gola Osteria

Judy (Monroe) Dean,Hap Gray, Diana (Derr) Buckingham, Dick Dropkin and Darlene (Lynch) Klein

#60/60th Reunion (2022)/Sunday/Stewart Park

The Moakley House

#54/55th Reunion (2017) Saturday/Moakley House

Our 55th reunion started on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at The Moakley House, located on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course on Warren Road. The setting was beautiful with a patio overlooking the golf course. It was great to see all that attended and rekindle old friendships. Enjoy the pictures taken by Hap Gray, Diana & Earl Buckingham and Bob Wallace. If anyone has additional photos or videos to share, please contact Diana Buckingham at (607)257-3638 or email her at
Day 2 of our 55th class reunion at Stewart Park

#55/55th Reunion (2017)/Sunday/Stewart Park

Day 2 of our 55th class reunion.  This was a special day as the IHS Class of 1962 dedicated a beautiful bench in Stewart Park overlooking the lake in honor of Rita Riley Nicholas our reunion chairman for over 50 years who passed away in May of 2016.  We ALL miss you Rita!
Bench dedicated to Rita Riley Nicholas overlooking Cayuga Lake where she once was a lifegard

#56/55th Reunion (2017/Sunday/Rita's Bench Dedication

Ithaca High School Class of 1962
In Honor of Classmate and Reunion Chairman for 50 Years
Rita Riley Nicholas
1944 - 2016
Front view of the building.

#57/55th Reunion (2017)/ Monday/Gola Osteria

Day 3 Final Day of our 55th Class Reunion.  For all our classmates that were born and raised in Ithaca, you will find a copy of a Picture Postcard of the old Ithaca City Hospital were you probably were born in this Photo Album.  A special THANK YOU goes out to John Novarr owner of this building for hosting our dinner at the Gola Osteria.  The pig was roasted from 1:00 am until the start of our reuion and his staff put on quite a feast.
Registration Desk - Diane Bower Chiucchi (c), Darlene Lynch Klein (c), Rita Riley Nicholas (c)

#01/50th Reunion (2012)/Friday/ Registration at Valentine Cafe

The pictures start on the first day of the reunion. Like in 2007, we went to the Valentine Cafe courtesy of John Novarr. Despite some road construction, everyone made it in one piece. The Registration was moved to the lobby, so instead of a very long line, we ended up with a huge blob of people blocking the door and socializing with each other. It was more fun this way.

Pictures of everyone were taken at the front door and in the hallway before they joined the party on the patio. The names have been added to the photos in a left-to-right order with a (c) added to identify class members. Class members received red tags while guests received yellow ones.
Mary Evans Tutton (c)

#02/50th Reunion (2012)/Friday/ Formal Mugshots

Attendees eventually escaped the Registration Table and made their way to the hallway where they were captured by Diana Derr Buckingham. She took their picture with the nametags prominently displayed. Since the front and back of the nametag are identical, identification was guaranteed.

By taking their photo and using facial recognition software, we could then identify the attendees as they moved from one event to another during the weekend. It wasn't perfect, for example Mary and Margaret Evans constantly baffled the software. But this system allowed people to wear different clothes and try different hairdos and still be recognized. This is likely the first time facial recognition software has been used at an IHS reunion. We might be old, but we're technically savvy.
Valentine Cafe - An awesome evening!  Thank you John Novarr for your generosity.  You and your staff deserve an enormous

#03/50th Reunion (2012)/Friday/ Party on the Patio

At this point, everybody is registered and photographed. You can check the photos in any area post office. Now it's on to the Valentine Cafe patio and porch and social areas. Did it rain? Yes! It drizzled for about 5 minutes. And that was the extent of the bad weather for the entire weekend. Except for Thursday evening when eating outside was a bit uncomfortable in the downpour. Note: There is a terrific outside restaurant area in downtown Ithaca in the Tioga/Aurora Streets area.
Hap Gray

#04/50th Reunion (2012)/Saturday/ Class of '62 Golf Classic

Golf Classic - Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Cornell University, Warren Road, Ithaca, NY followed by a luncheon and awards at the Moakley House. The event was held Saturday morning and was open to class members and their families and friends.
Saturday evening started here at the Country Club of Ithaca, one of the finest places in Ithaca and for many this was th

#05/50th Reunion (2012)/Saturday/ Country Club of Ithaca (CCI)

These pictures are from the Saturday night dinner at the Country Club of Ithaca (CCI).
Belle Sherman Elementary School : John Novarr, Bob Garmise, Dick Dropkin, Roger Howe, Bob Fabbricatore, Steve Keast, Dia

#06/50th Reunion (2012)/Saturday/ CCI-Elementary School Match-Up

So then someone said: "Let's all go down to the 18th green and take a group photo!" Everybody was wildly enthusiastic except those who couldn't climb stairs. And those who were alergic to grass. And the Country Club personnel who didn't want ~240 people walking all over their green. That was the clincher.

So then someone else said: "Let's take pictures of people with their elementary school class out on the balcony!" Again, everybody was wild, but this time they were wild about trying to remember who was in their class. Anyway, that's what we did. Naturally, there were many accommodations. For example, if you didn't go to an Ithaca-area school, you could join the one closest to your residence. And if you missed the picture, you could be PhotoShopped into it.

Rita Riley Nicholas

#07/50th Reunion (2012)/Saturday/ Dancing in the Dark

When the lights go down and the band starts playing, people get up to dance. Whether you're high school age or in your late 60's, this is what happens. But there are always some who prefer to watch. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, taking pictures of the event is always difficult because, well..., it's dark and taking pictures in the dark is difficult. But our crack photographers produced some mighty fine photos. Take a look.


#08/50th Reunion (2012)/Saturday/ Dancing the Night Away

People are still dancing. Although it's way past most people's bedtime (9:30 pm), they continue to dance. The band might be very loud, but the music is great and how can you stop dancing when Satisfaction is playing?

Several of these people will not make it to the Sunday morning event and will extend their hotel reservation for another day or two. Show these pictures to your grandchildren and impress them with the fact that even old fogeys can still dance even though they risk a lifetime of crippling injuries.


#09/50th Reunion (2012)/Sunday/ Stewart Park

It's about time to wrap up another reunion. The group met at Stewart Park on Sunday morning. Beautiful weather greeted us once again. Like reunions before it, this one was no different. It ended about noon and people headed out to their homes which are located all over the continent (literally).

Our Reunion Committee - Bob Fabbricatore, John Novarr, Darlene Lynch Klein, Tom McCarthy, Dick Dropkin, Hap Gray, Rita R

#10/50th Reunion (2012)/ Reunion Committee Members

The Reunion Committee meets for lunch once a year.
Reunion Banner

#11/45th Reunion (2007)/Friday #1/ The Grand Entrance and Registration

Hap Gray was stationed outside the Valentine Cafe. He was assigned to stalk people and take their photo in case they freaked out and tried to escape. According to our records, only three people fled the scene. Then people entered the building, went down the hallway past the Sales and Memorial area to the Registration desk.
Priscilla Crispell & Lynette Bulche Thomas with Jimmy Fowler lurking in the background.

#12/45th Reunion (2007)/Friday #2/ The In Crowd

Some people chose to spend some time indoors rather than on the porch or patio. They were easy pickings for the photographers. Many people moved between areas, but they weren't fast enough to elude our crack team of snapshooters.
Gene Coggshall, Dick Dropkin, Bob Garmise...they've known each other for almost 60 years!

#13/45th Reunion (2007)/Friday #3/ The Inside-Outside Crowd

Some people spent time on the porch. This was the best of both worlds since you could either stand or sit, eat or not eat, enjoy or not enjoy the marvelous Ithaca weather, etc. One huge advantage of being on the porch was that it was closer to the food than being inside.
John Novarr getting ready to start the festivities.

#14/45th Reunion (2007)/Friday #4/ The Out Crowd

The people who preferred to stand and talk went out to the patio. Since it was where the wine and beer was, it was perfectly located except eventually if you drank too much, there was no place to sit down. But you could always just pass out and count on people to carry you to the porch or inside. If it had rained, these people wouldn't have had so much fun. But it didn't. So they did.
Saturday's celebration site: The New Elks (or the old Coddington Restaurant)

#15/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #1/ Registration and the Great Outdoors

The Saturday photos are organized mostly by location. Like Friday's event, there were three mini-venues: Inside the Elks Club building, Outside under the sky, and Outside under the tent. Also, there was live entertainment which is a theme unto itself. The photos in this section show the registration area and the sun-lovers who hate being inside on a beautiful day which is typical of late odd numbered years...when a reunion is scheduled on South Hill.

Bob Fabbricatore

#16/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #2/ Under the Big Top

These photos cover those who wanted to be outside, but not too much outside. A massive tent was rented to shade people from the intense sunshine that occurs in Ithaca about once in a blue moon. But as we shall see elsewhere, there was no blue moon, so there was really no reason to expect nice weather. Sunny weather all weekend! Everyone was in total bliss!
Tom McCarthy, President for Life!

#17/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #3/ Five Minutes of Speeches Followed by an Hour of Dinner

What's a reunion without speeches? We'll never know. President-For-Life Tom McCarthy gave an inspired speech which someone should have either written down or recorded so that he can use the same one next time. It was very moving. Reunion Chairperson Rita Riley Nicholas gave recognition to all those people who helped make the reunion a success. Hap Gray (still running for Nicest Person in the World...and winning) gave a heartfelt speech that nobody remembers, but they all felt really good about it. For all we know, he could have declared war on Albania, but he said it so nicely, we all applauded. And Bob Garmise said some technical babble that nobody understood. Other members of the Reunion Organizing Committee, Darlene Lynch Klein, Dick Dropkin, and Bob Fab decided enough was enough and went back to eating, drinking, and socializing.

After planning for about 140 people and getting 225 participants, the Elks Club decided to have more than one meal line. Good idea. In fact, to give credit where it is due, the Elks did a fantastic job hosting the reunion. They even put Cayuga Lake in the background of many of the photos. You can't ask for better service than that!
Diana Derr Buckingham

#18/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #4/ In the Club

You've seen the people who were outside and under the tent, but there were another hundred or so inside the building. Since the whole group eventually ended up inside, this section is much larger than the other ones. You may see the same people here as you saw outside. Just a hunch.
[Dianne Orcutt], Jim Orcutt

#19/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #5/ Still in the Club

There were too many people inside, so we need two sections to show them all. You may think the photos are being displayed in chronological order, but that would be faulty thinking. They are being displayed by photographer. That's why some people show up in several sections and in different parts of the same section. If anyone would like to volunteer to sort the photos into chronological order, please e-mail the webmaster at Thank you for your attention. 
Rick Gravelding, Big Daddy Teddy Antrim (1961), Tim Rogers, Fluffy Saccuci (1961), Mike O'Cello (1961), Jack Shelton

#20/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #6/ The Band Played and the People Danced All Night Long

Probably the highlight of the Reunion was the reunion of Tim Rogers, Rick Gravelding, Jack Shelton, and the boys for an encore performance. They played for one hour straight, and another 2 hours maybe not so straight, and sounded great the whole time. Then they added Big Daddy Antrim for the finale which lasted another half-hour or more. Some people danced like wild crazy the entire time. They were carried out by the squad. The rest of the people danced the entire time, but not like wild crazy. More like just controlled crazy. Do not show these photos to your kids or grandkids. They'll expect it every night. You'll end up going to clubs, become a dancing fool, and end up on Oprah.
All the class members.

#21/45th Reunion (2007)/Saturday #7/ The Whole Group

So somebody had the brilliant idea of taking a photo of all the class members. The shadows were terrible, there was no convenient place to have everyone pose, people were wandering around like cats, but did that stop us? No. In fact, since guests were not in the photo, and every one of them had a camera, there are a gazillion photos of the group. Take your pick. Look in the Special Reunion Photos album for the best photo. Why is it the best? Because the overhead wires have been PhotoShopped out.
Rita Riley Nicholas has committed to running the 50th, 55th, and 60th reunions. After that, she plans to retire to her m

#22/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #1/ Breakfast is Served

Breakfast came early Sunday morning, but it was worth it. Hope's Way catered a wonderful breakfast for those ambitious enough to get up.
The outside courtyard walkways. The middle is where the tree used to be.

#23/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #2/ The Exterior of the School

It's a little hard to separate the various parts of the High School, so this might be somewhat arbitrary. Anyway, here are some photos of the outside of the school. It includes the massive interior courtyard where the tree met its demise earlier this year, and where the children's play area is located. Children's play area??? Thought that was the restrooms.
Class of 1962 Best Athlete: Mel Robinson

#24/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #3/ The Athletic Facilities

The highlight of any tour is the athletic facilities. It's the site of your greatest accomplishments. Well, it was for some. It was torture for others. Oh, and by the way, the water in the pool is still cold.
The Class of 1962 strikes again!

#25/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #4/ The Interior of the School

Here's another arbitrary breakdown of the photos. This includes classrooms, the library, the cafeteria, etc. Anything that was inside the school except not all of it. Is that confusing or what???
The open exterior courtyard.

#26/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #5/ The Interior Courtyards

The courtyards in buildings G & H were unique architectural attractions. People came from far and wide to see them. From Lansing. From Dryden. From Groton. Everywhere! They no longer look as they once did. One looks better. One looks worse. You be the judge as to which is which.
A class reunion sign just for us. They included the classes of 1947, 1967, and 1972 just to be polite.

#27/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #6/ Signs. Signs. Everywhere Signs

Current students are forced to learn how to read. How else will they know that drugs are bad and that school is good and that the floor is wet and that the whole place has spy cameras everywhere? Here's a sampling of the signs.
The Principal's office. Been there. Done that. Or maybe it's: Done that. Therefore, been there.

#28/45th Reunion (2007)/Sunday #7/ The Principal's Office

Everyone knows that you don't want to end up in the Principal's office, but here it's a good thing. It means the end of the photos of the reunion. Hope you had a great time. See you all in 5 years at the 50th.
As good a photo as we could possibly get of all the class members who attended the reunion. Every person in this photo w

#29/45th Reunion (2007)/ Special Reunion Photos

At the moment, there are two special photos:
1. A photo of all the class members taken at the Elks, and
2. A photo of the Reunion poster created by Ken Blye. This photo is 11.25" x 16.5 and is on what appears to be 90 lb. semi-gloss paper suitable for framing.
Rita Riley Nicholas: Supreme Commander of the Class of 1962 Reunion.

#30/45th Reunion (2007)/ Reunion Committee Members

Here are your Reunion Committee members. Say Hi! to them. They met in person for the first time at a luncheon just before the Friday Night event. Until that time, they had exchanged over 2,500 e-mails in setting up the reunion. This is the first time the class has predominantly used this means of planning events. The Friday Luncheon included Committee members and guests...about a dozen people in all, and was paid for by two Committee members so that Reunion funds would not be used. We would like to thank them, but according to the policy set up initially, they will remain anonymous.
The webmaster takes photos of license plates to use as introductions to trips. Here is the one for the reunion trip. It

#31/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #1/ Miscellaneous

So you went to the reunion, but you didn't get a chance to revisit all your old favorite haunts like the bottom of Cayuga Lake, the graveyard overlooking the cemetary, the back roads around Danby, and so on. Well, you are in luck. Here is a collection of area highlights just for you. Feel free to copy them and tell all your friends that you spent the entire weekend taking walks and doing other healthy things.
The Purity Ice Cream sign. Probably the most famous place in the whole region, especially when the temperature approache

#32/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #2/ Downtown Ithaca

Downtown Ithaca has changed over the past 45 years. Now there are cars and paved roads. Most of the horse and buggies are gone. The buildings are the same, but most of the stores in them have changed dramatically. There are still some old favorites, like the Home Dairy, but fully 78.3% - 81.2% of the stores are new.
PSP is the company who produced the merchandise for the reunion. They are located at 245 Cherry Street and this is their

#33/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #3/ PSP Sportswear

PSP is the company that provided the reunion merchandise. It's on Cherry Street, which is parallel to Floral Avenue which is no longer the place not to be. PSP has quite an operation. It can provide items for all sorts of events.
Taughannock Falls Gorge Trail

#34/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #4/ Taughannock Falls

Most people at the reunion undoubtedly walked up to the falls. Now it costs money to park and walk. Let's call it progress. The walk is 3/4 mile each way, but only takes about 3 hours. Take water, a cell phone, oxygen, and other paraphernalia needed for tromping through the wilderness of Taughannock.
Robert Treman (aka Enfield) State Park. [Terri Holland] pointing out the sign.

#35/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #5/ Enfield (Robert Treman)

Although called Robert Treman State Park, we all know it's really called Enfield. The photos here are of the upper park and the walk down to Lucifer Falls, also known as "The Big Falls". Again, it's only a couple of hours, but envigorating for those with no common sense. If you want a photo of the ol' swimmin' hole, you'll have to go back to Ithaca and take it yourself.
Buttermilk Falls State Park

#36/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #6/ Buttermilk

A beautiful day, nice weather, sun shining, and only about 20 people at Buttermilk. What is this world coming to? Where is everyone? At the pool? How sad. The place should be jammed packed with fun seekers who can't wait to climb the falls and sit in them. Oh, what's that? You aren't allowed to climb the falls anymore? Welllll. Maybe now we know the reason it's not crowded.
Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary

#37/45th Reunion (2007)/Ithaca #7/ Sapsucker Woods

Like Taughannock, Sapsucker Woods is only a 3/4 mile walk. However, there's no chance you will get hit by falling shale, or fall onto unforgiving rocks, or get attacked by Falls Flies, so what's the reason to go there? It's a nice walk in the woods. Hear the call of the various birds, the screech of the hawks, the muffled roar of the leopard as he attacks. It's a wilderness delight.
Dick Dropkin's family. From left to right is: Jacqui (daughter), Joni (wife), Danielle (daughter), and Dick. The dolphi

#38/45th Reunion (2007)/ Class Member Photos

Class members are welcome to submit photos to include in this site. We may edit them in various ways...crop, reduce the size, enhance the color, etc., but we will not alter the essence of the photo. Feel free to submit a title and list of the people in the photo.
Timmy Dietrich and Judy Bonney Slack

#39/30th Reunion (1992)/

These are photos taken at the 30th reunion in 1992.
Gene Coggshall

#40/25th Reunion (1987)/

These are the photos taken at the 25th reunion in 1987.
Dick Dropkin, Hap Gray, Bill Snyder

#41/20th Reunion (1982)/

These are photos taken at the 20th reunion in 1982.


#42/ Tribute to Deceased Classmates

No class has its 50th reunion and is still intact. As the years come and go, some members inevitably pass away. This album is a tribute to those who are deceased. Included are their high school photos and the date they died (when known). If anyone knows the date for people for whom we have no record, please use the Contact Us section to let us know.
Emily Adler

#43/ Yearbook Photos: A-D

This is a complete listing of all the photos of class members whose last names began with A-D who had photos in the 1962 Annual.
Linda Eastman

#44/ Yearbook Photos: E-J

This is a complete listing of all the photos of class members whose last names began with E-J who had photos in the 1962 Annual.
Carol Kaminer

#45/ Yearbook Photos: K-Q

This is a complete listing of all the photos of class members whose last names began with K-Q who had photos in the 1962 Annual.
Hester Rathmell

#46/ Yearbook Photos: R-V

This is a complete listing of all the photos of class members whose last names began with R-V who had photos in the 1962 Annual.
Susan Wade

#47/ Yearbook Photos: W-Z

This is a complete listing of all the photos of class members whose last names began with W-Z who had photos in the 1962 Annual.
Mr. Bach, Science

#48/ Yearbook Photos: Teachers

This is a complete listing of all the photos of teachers in the 1962 Annual.
Camera with Ken Blye attached

#49/45th Reunion (2007)/ Extra Friday photos for those who just can't get enough

These are duplicate or mostly duplicate photos from the Friday reunion event. They were going to be deleted, but the webmaster was overwhelmed with nostalgia and decided to put them here. Now you can relive the reunion in disjoint time since the photos are in no particular order.
All the class members.

#50/45th Reunion (2007)/ Extra Saturday photos for those who just can't get enough (part 1)

These are duplicate or mostly duplicate photos from the Saturday reunion event. They were going to be deleted, but the webmaster was overwhelmed with nostalgia and decided to put them here. Now you can relive the reunion in disjoint time since the photos are in no particular order.
Peter Williams, Jeff Nulle, [Wayne Bishop]

#51/45th Reunion (2007)/ Extra Saturday photos for those who just can't get enough (part 2)

Here are some more Saturday photos that are duplicates.
Group photo

#52/45th Reunion (2007)/ Extra Sunday photos for those who just can't get enough

These are duplicate or mostly duplicate photos from the Sunday reunion event. They were going to be deleted, but the webmaster was overwhelmed with nostalgia and decided to put them here. Now you can relive the reunion in disjoint time since the photos are in no particular order.
Hap on his Harley.

#53/Hap Gray (2007-2011)/ On the road again

Reunion Post-Script: Those of you who know Hap Gray know that he is somewhat obsessed with finding every class member no matter where they live. So, after the 45th reunion, with his newly purchased Harley motorcycle, he traveled the country looking for missing class members. Sometimes he went house-to-house ringing doorbells. Sometimes he went street-by-street with a public address system. Sometimes he was arrested for disturbing the peace. This photo album chronicles his search and the people he met along the way. By the 50th reunion, his objective is to find every missing classmate.