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(1) enter your Profile, (2) find out about your classmates, and (3) communicate with them. This is a secure area, so usernames and passwords are involved. Want help? Contact Diana Buckingham at

(1) Enter your Profile for the first time:
a) If you are new to this area, click the "Add Your Profile" button.
b) Create a Username and Password and enter them. Then write them down.
c) Fill in the rest of the form
and enter the security code at the bottom. If you don't fill in the security code correctly, you will have at least one more chance to enter it.
d) Diana will add your Yearbook photo to your Profile. If you want to add a current photo, send a .jpg/.gif or other photo media to Diana by attaching it to an e-mail.

(2) How To update your Profile:
a) If you already have a Profile, then retrieve it using the search function, and click the "Edit Your Profile" button.
b) The system will ask you for your Username and Password. If you forgot them, click on the "I forgot my username and password" button. You will receive an e-mail within a couple of minutes containing the two items. Write them down again.
c) Update your Profile and save it.

(3) Helpful things to know:
a) If you don't want to mess with Usernames and Passwords, send your information to Diana with a note saying: "I don't want to mess with this, but I want to share some information." Diana will enter the info, but may make you wish you had just gotten a Username/Password.
b) If you want to see where classmates now live, click on the "Where are they now" button.
c) Use the "Send This Person A Message" button to send an e-mail to a specific person.
You can only use it to contact one person at a time.

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Sharleen Lenowitz ([Moskowitz] Nevitt)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Mamaroneck NY Social Worker Committed Relationship 3 1 grandson and 1? on the way!!! Married..widowed...married...divorced...[married again]...raised 3 boys...#1.Art Director of Morning America, #2. Emergency Room Physician, #3 Graduating college...ME Director of a Special Education enrichment program..mostly autistic children...very much in love and about to be married. This really scares me...a 50th reunion and I still think I am 18!!!!! but you can't fool mother nature..I hate mirrors.
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