Our Teachers
This section is to honor those teachers who meant so much to our successes during our years at Ithaca High School. It includes the birth and death dates for Ithaca faculty who taught in 1962. Thanks goes out to the Class of 1960 who compiled the following list. It is not a complete list of the teachers, just the ones who are deceased.

Frank R. Bliss 1896-1970
Helen Bliss 1902-1969

Social Studies
Richard Caslick 1921-1989
Kasimer Hipolit 1917-1977
Lilly Reichmann 1907-1997
Curtis L. Pfaff 1922-2005

Marian E. Elliott 1916-2007
Milicent Ocvirk 1908-2002
Robert Holgate 1919-2006
Dr. Clara S. Gage 1906-1987
Edith Showacre 1929-2005
Elizabeth Whicher 1916-1995
Marjorie Wilson 1928-2009
Walter Schroeder 1913-1967

Dr. William Beischer 1934-2006
Miss Mayfred Claflin 1891-1982
Kenneth W. Elmore 1916-1993
Joseph Moresco 1926-2012
Martha Neighbor 1919-2000
Ann Holley 1925-1996

Bernice Finch 1900-1967
S. Carolyn Marsh 1904-1994
Vito Mason 1928-2008

Foreign Language
Josephine Ernstein 1904-2001
Samuel Catalfano 1911-1982
Will-Robert Teetor 1926-2000
Amanda Chacona 1914-2002

Physical Education
Joseph Tatascore 1902-1978

Eva Firra 1919-2005

Home Economics
Ethelwynn Cornelius 1907-1994

Edgar Clemens 1926-2006
Dr. Dewitt Zien 1918-1994
Muriel C. Weeks 1916-2008

Driver Education
Robert K. Fiske 1918-2000

Industrial Arts
Elmer J. Woodams 1893-1980
Donald F. Henry 1920-2011

Albert E. Bedworth 1924-2004

Samuel J. Catalfano 1911-1982
Sylvia Fowler 1913-1998


Gordon Campbell Myer 1931-2017