Sometimes it's hard to remember exactly what happened when you look back on it.
Sometimes it's hard to remember exactly what happened when you look back on it.
TWTYTW 1962 means This Was The Year That Was 1962. The webmaster is scraping the bottom of the barrel for section names.

So what happened during the 1961-1962 school year while we were all studying and not paying attention to anything but getting great grades? Here's some of the things. Got any other ideas on what to put here? Use the Contact Us section to let us know.

Note that the April Fools edition of The Tattler has been moved here.
At least someone figured it out.
At least someone figured it out.
The April Fools Issue of The Tattler

On April 2, 1962, the latest edition of the Tattler was distributed. Many expected an April Fool's edition, but when Sunday, April 1st came and went, most people totally forgot about it. So when this clearly bona fide edition was distributed, people were shocked! [insert photo of person being shocked]. It contained a considerable amount of genuine bogus information about IHS, its staff, and its students.

For 45 years, Judy Bonney Slack has saved this special edition. Now she has removed it from the hermitically sealed glass coffee table where it has been on display in her living room these past decades and gone public with it. This website is honored to be part of this expos

However, restrictions have been imposed. We can only show one page at a time. Because of this, a new page will be revealed at the start of each month with a bonus page in July.

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What You Were Watching on WNBF

Click on the TV link to see what was on the tube during the 1961-1962 season. Was it better or worse than we we see now?
What You Were Listening to on WHCU and WTKO

Click on the
SONG link to see what the #1 song was for each week during the school year. Can you still sing each one by heart? If so, then you're American Idol material.

What You Were Seeing at the State, Strand, Ithaca, and Temple Theaters

Click on the MOVIES link to see a list of the best movies of 1962. The year is considered one of the best years for movies in history. The first James Bond. What more could you ask for?

What You Were Reading About in the Ithaca Journal

Click on the WHAT was happening link to see what were some of the things that people followed in the news. There was news? I don't remember any news.
What You Were Watching on the Sports Channel (what Sports Channel?)

Click on the SPORTS link to see what was happening in sports. Most of these you will remember since they were more important than anything else you were doing. Bottom on the 9th. Mazerowski up. It's a long fly ball...OK, so maybe that was 1960, but who can forget it?
Do You Remember?

There are just some things you never forget. Check out your memory with the following article called DO YOU REMEMBER?